It is a cash finance facility offered by few banks in Pakistan. This facility lets you enjoy a credit limit up to 1 million without the hectic of paying monthly installments. Bank will open up a new Bank Account under your name and will deposit your approved limit in form of cash in that account and will issue you a cheque book and debit card through which you can use that amount

Usage of Running Finance:
We advised all our clients to use this cash as a working capital of your business. For example you purchased goods on cash through your running finance and availed good cash discount from the supplier and sold those goods on a credit of 15 days. Once you receive your sales value back in 15 days deposit back the principle amount you withdrawn for the purchases and enjoy the profits for your personal use.

Charges of Running Finance:
Every withdrawal from your Running Finance Account has a daily charge of 0.083% for the number of days you have used that amount.

For Instance in above example you have withdrawn cash for 15 days (Let’s assume you have withdrawn Rs. 100,000) your calculation will be:

Rs. 100,000 x 0.083% = Rs. 83 x 15 (Days) = Rs. 1245/-

After 15 days you will deposit Rs. 100,000 + Rs. 1245 = Rs. 101,245 after this deposit your daily charges will be stopped and you can again utilize the principle amount at your requirement.

PS: If you have utilized the amount for 30 days and still you are not able to pay back the Principle Amount your only liable to pay minimum charges which will be calculated as Rs. 100,000 x 0.083% x 30 Days

Eligibility Criteria:
1) Anyone availing our Bronze , silver or Gold Package can avail this facility
2) Salaried person with Minimum Salary of 50,000 can Avail this Facility
3) Business Person – HISTORY BASED CUSTOMERS (those who already have any unsecured loan, credit card or Car finance from any bank for more than one year) can avail this facility.

Document Requirement:
2) Last 3 pay slips
3) Last 6 months Bank Statement
4) 2 references
5) Utility Bills of Home
6) NTN (In case of Business Person)
7) Bank Account Maintenance Certificate ( In case of Business Person)